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Street railway service began in the East Bay area of California in 1890. A number of individual companies were formed, but they consolidated into the Oakland Transit Co. in 1898. Additional companies were added until everything came under the San Francisco-Oakland Rys. in 1912. This became the Key System in 1924. In 1930, the local lines were turned to a wholly owned subsidiary, East Bay Street Ry. It became East Bay Transit in 1936. In 1942 everything was again consolidated under the Key System name. In 1946, National City Lines gained control thru purchase of 65 per cent of the stock of the holding company. The name was changed to Key System Transit Lines, and the last street cars ran in 1948.

Car #958, which is now the Trolleycar Rotisserie, came from the Key System. During the 1960′s, the trolley car was brought to the city of Castroville, California. It first started as the memorable Bing’s Diner. Our great customers to this day still remember the amazing diner. They tell us about all the wonderful memories they had.

But as of March 2009, a new era of the restaurant business began. Owners and cooks of the Trolley Car, Aquino and Israel Hernandez started a meat lover’s paradise. Aquino and Israel have been around the restaurant business for around 20 years. They have worked all over the Monterey County, Salinas and Carmel; restaurants like Clam Box, Casanova, Hallaballoo, and Mission Ranch, all exquisite dinners.

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